KLIMA Paradise Samos

Dive into the enchantments of Samos through a diverse array of activities and excursions. Immerse yourself in the island’s unspoiled beauty with hiking or cycling adventures, unearth the secrets of ancient archaeological sites, or set sail on boat journeys to discover concealed coastal gems.

Whether your heart desires adventure or a tranquil escape, our beach hotel provides an abundance of opportunities to craft enduring and treasured moments.

Here a little overview of things to do at the Klima Paradise hotel:

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Klima Beach, Samos, where a refreshing paradise awaits. The gentle embrace of the Aegean Sea invites you to enjoy invigorating swims and serene moments of relaxation.

Explore the vibrant undersea world through the mesmerizing lens of snorkeling. The crystal-clear waters unveil a world of marine life, hidden treasures, and colorful coral

Paddle your way through the beauty of Klima Beach. Whether you’re seeking adventure or a peaceful escape, canoeing at Klima Beach promises a memorable aquatic journey for all.

Embark on a nautical adventure with our boat excursions . Cruise through the azure waters, explore hidden coves, and visit enchanting islands only accessible by sea. Our boat excursions offer an unforgettable way to uncover the secrets of Samos’ coastline and create cherished memories under the endless Greek sky. 

Indulge in ultimate serenity with our beachfront yoga sessions. The rhythmic sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the soft sand beneath your feet provide the perfect backdrop for your yoga practice.

Let your worries melt away as expert hands work their magic, guiding you on a journey of serenity and renewal. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to pampering you with a range of rejuvenating massage treatments.

Bask in the warmth of the sun and let your worries drift away as you stretch out on our pristine beach,  inviting you to indulge in sunbathing, where each moment under the sun brings a sense of calm and contentment.

Meet Mike Petrafilis, a life coach extraordinaire. With a passion for empowering individuals, Mike’s skills in life coaching are truly transformative. Through active listening, empathy, and insightful guidance, Mike helps you navigate life’s challenges, discover your inner strengths, and achieve your goals.


In addition to cherishing unforgettable moments at our hotel, we’d love to suggest some other incredible destinations and experiences to explore on the enchanting island of Samos.


Psili Ammos Beach
A long, sandy beach with shallow waters, Psili Ammos is a family-friendly spot. It’s an excellent place to relax under the sun and enjoy the calm sea.
Our tip: Noya Beach Experience

Kokkari Beach
Located in the charming fishing village of Kokkari, this beach offers a lovely mix of sandy stretches and pebbly coves. It’s an excellent place to relax and enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine at the local tavernas.

Kerveli Beach
Tucked away in a secluded bay, Kerveli Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and tranquil atmosphere. It’s a great spot for relaxation and swimming.


Samos Town
The island’s capital, Samos Town, is a lively and bustling hub. Stroll through its charming streets, visit the archaeological museum, and explore the picturesque harbor with its inviting cafes and restaurants.

Named after the famous mathematician Pythagoras, this town is a delightful blend of history and contemporary charm. Explore its ancient ruins, charming streets, and scenic harbor, which is dotted with colorful fishing boats.

This mountain village is a hidden gem, surrounded by lush greenery and known for its traditional Greek tavernas. It’s an ideal place for a peaceful day trip.

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